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At the heart of English folk

Work here

Cecil Sharp House is the headquarters of The English Folk Dance and Song Society and the Vaughan Memorial Library.

Working for the English Folk Dance and Society (EFDSS) or the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library (VWML) at Cecil Sharp House gives you the unique opportunity to join a small but ambitious team, committed to placing the traditional folk arts of England at the heart of our cultural life.

The EFDSS and VWML teams love being based at Cecil Sharp House, a vibrant folk arts centre with a library and spaces for hire. It’s a very buzzy and exciting environment where creativity is valued and proactivity strongly encouraged. Perks of working here include enjoying the sounds of orchestra and opera rehearsals while we work, and meeting all kinds of visiting performers and groups.

People who visit VWML or come to an event at Cecil Sharp House for the first time often say how they instantly fall in love with the building and the atmosphere here. Many long time attenders have romantic tales to tell of how they courted their husbands or wives on the dance floor in the 1950s and have been happily married ever since. It's wonderful to see them dancing here still while the new generations also take the floor or the stage with equal enthusiasm.
The passion that these people feel about Cecil Sharp House, VWML and for EFDSS inspires our workforce to keep improving, so that both current and future generations can enjoy, learn and experience their own histories here. We would not be where we are now - making Cecil Sharp House fully accessible in our current building project, and in the midst of The Full English project - without the hard work and enthusiasm of our brilliant team.

If you would like to join us, are hardworking and enthusiastic about the folk arts too we would love to hear from you!

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